Complete Edge to Cloud Solution

The All-in-One Edge-to-Cloud Solution for Industrial Asset Monitoring

Octave lets you securely extract, orchestrate, and act on data from your equipment to your cloud

As the all-in-one edge-to-cloud solution for the Industrial IoT, Octave enables industrial companies to extract, orchestrate, and act on meaningful and useful data from their industrial equipment to their cloud infrastructure. In essence, Octave solves both the complexity and the data orchestration challenge, whilst also offering reliable end-to-end security.

Extract data from your field equipment. Process locally or in the cloud or both. All with a predictable pricing model.

Octave is the all-in-one platform for connecting industrial assets to the cloud. It enables industrial companies securely to extract, orchestrate and act on data from their equipment, prior to forwarding to their cloud infrastructure.

Octave uses IoT infrastructure that Sierra Wireless has built using edge devices, their global connectivity services, and their best-in-class connectivity and device management platform. Octave’s data orchestration engine allows developers to stream, organize and act on data flows, either at the edge (field deployed asset) or in the cloud. Sierra Wireless expertise and integration know-how brings it all together.

Why use Octave?

  • Fully integrated, secure communications from field to cloud.

  • Extensive serial protocol support, with tools to manage proprietary protocols, for retrofit to existing field assets.
  • Edge compute capability managing data orchestration and reducing network traffic.
  • Connectors for multiple cloud offerings.
  • Hardware endpoint available as fully certified industrial product or embedded module.
  • Single billing entity with simple pricing model and predictable costs, including airtime.

Octave lets you securely extract, orchestrate, and act on data from your industrial assets to the cloud.

  • Extract: Communicate with and normalize data from virtually any type of industrial equipment using proprietary
    or standard industrial protocols (Modbus, CANopen)
  • Orchestrate: Get the right data, at the right time, with the right priority, to the right system
  • Act: Update your Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) application as your business needs change
  • Secure: Protect your data from the edge to the cloud even as new threats emerge

Industry standard APIs for Cloud Connectivity

As well as providing high level Octave Connectors for specific Cloud IoT solutions, Octave supports standard API methods such as websockets and REST for connectivity to back-end cloud solutions.

Click the button to view a demonstration of a simple cloud based dashboard hosted within Azure.

Simple and Predictable Pricing

Octave pricing is region based. The information provided below applies to Region A, which includes Europe (including UK), USA, Canada and much of Asia.

For each device, pricing comprises of a solution fee of $1 per month, plus a message fee based on the number of messages transacted per month. Each message is an individual transaction through the Octave Edge to Cloud system, but may comprise of up to 20 datapoints. Each datapoint may consist of up to 25 bytes for string datatypes. Messages are charged at $1 per 1000.

During the development phase, “Developer Mode” can be used, which allows frequent changes and updates to be made to your data model as you develop your prototype. Developer mode is charged at $5 per month and includes up to 20,000 messages.

Return on Investment

During 2019, Sierra Wireless commissioned Forrester Research to compile an indpendent study of the commercial benefits of implementing IIoT solutions using Octave. This concluded that using Sierra Wireless Octave can lead to an 88% return on your Industrial IoT investment, over the course of three years.

Please click on the infographic below to download the report.

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Pricing Example 1


You set up your Octave edge device to monitor 3 datapoints

  • Groundwater level
  • Acidity
  • Battery level

You want to log these datapoints every hour but don’t need real-time updates – you’re happy to get the data every 6 hours. With Octave, that will generate 4 messages per day x 30 days x 500 devices = 60,000 messages per month. On top of that, you want to set up an alert to send a message immediately when any of these values changes by more than 20% in an hour. You expect these alerts to generate an additional 100 messages per month for the entire deployment. That makes a total of 60,100 messages per month. Your deployment is in Region A, so your rate is $1 monthly per connected device plus $1 for every 1000 messages. Per the table below, this works out to a monthly total of $560.10 per month, or $1.12 per telemetry system.


Price Breakdown:

Monitoring (low frequency)
Deployment Size 500
Solution Subscription 500 x $1 = 500~/month
Groundwater Monitoring 4 msgs / day x 30 days x 500 devices = 60,000 msgs / month
Alerts 100 msgs / month
Total 60,100 msgs / month
Total Cost / Month $560.10
Total/System/Month $1.12/device
Total/System/Year $13.44/device

Pricing Example 2


Food2U is a domestic food delivery business. It has a fleet of 20 vehicles, each of which can deliver 50 hot meals during a day. The ability to monitor on-vehicle parameters is critical to the business. On occurrence of certain events, information needs to be extracted and sent to a cloud server. The parameters are:

  • Vehicle Delivery location (lat,long)
  • Oven temperature (deg C)
  • Door open time (s)
  • Barcode scan of meal package
This standard message will be sent for each event, together with a message reason (event type). Message reasons are as follows

deliveryStop Delivery stop
overTemperature Temperature over threshold
underTemperature Temperature under threshold
normalTemperature Temperature back within limits
noResponse No response at delivery point
unableToLocate Unable to locate address
urgentAssistance Urgent assistance needed

Each vehicle will send 50 “Delivery stop” messages per day. The total of all other messages averages 2 per vehicle per day. The message structure is as follows:

“reasonCode” : “deliveryStop”,
“vehicle” : 18,
“location” : “52.931786,-0.158088”,
“ovenTemp” : 58.2,
“doorOpenTime” : 22,
“mealType” : 3024

The message will be sent as a JSON string. One message can contain up to 500 characters.

Price Breakdown:

Food Delivery Example
Deployment Size 20
Solution Subscription 20 x $1 = 20~/month
Groundwater Monitoring 50 msgs / day x 30 days x 20 devices = 30,000 msgs / month
Other messages 2 msgs / day x 30 days x 20 devices = 1,200 msgs / month
Total 31,200 msgs / month
Total Cost / Month $51.20
Total/System/Month $2.65/device
Total/System/Year $30.72/device