Deployment & Management Your Way

Secure remote administration of router deployments

Nimbus is our cloud-based remote administration system for managing your CelerwayOS devices. 
Powerful, flexible, yet easy-to-use, Nimbus lets you quickly configure and bring large-scale deployments online and accelerate onboarding of administrators.
The comprehensive suite of quality indicators, analytics, and alerts enables remote administrators to easily perform real-time monitoring and reduce time spent managing devices.

Dashboard Features

Nimbus Dashboard
  • See live status information on all routers and network interfaces.
  • Explore historical information about up-time and mobile network connectivity.
  • Review a detailed timeline of what happens to each network interface. See when it went down, when it came up again, and when the quality changed for better or worse.
  • Optimize mobile subscriptions by reviewing detailed information about data-use for each individual network interface/modem. Per hour, per day, per month or per year.
  • View live and historical position information for routers equipped with GPS and GPS antenna. 

Phantom VPN

Celerway Phantom is a key component of CelerwayOS that unleashes the full capabilities of the software, including a rare combination of dynamic VPN load balancing and seamless switching between multiple networks. Phantom also lets you construct ultra-flexible network topologies.

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