Save time and costs with automated zero-touch provisioning for remote deployed assets.

Linkwave is a Lantronix Strategic Edge Partner. As Strategic Edge Partner we povide the full range of Lantronicx end products, modules and cloud services to our customers. consoleFlow™ is a suite of cloud services developed hosted, and managed by Lantronix to provide a Cloud platform for their propitary IoT and Connectivity products and services. Linkwave is fully qualified and approved to provide customers in the EMEA region access and support to consoleFlow™.

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End Products

A feature-rich product portfolio with centralized asset management.

The ConsoleFlow™ software platform provides True Zero-Touch automation by provisioning remotely deployed Lantronix devices without user intervention.

Thousands of global customers across multiple industry verticals use our products to deliver technical solutions that address their business challenges.

Utilizing a full stack approach, from data collection through control, empowering our customers to get to market quickly with complete solutions.

Analytics, insights, predictions, and automation enable our customers to focus on business logic, and operational efficiency to drive successful outcomes.

Console Flow Features

True Zero-Touch. Software-defined automation.

Save time and costs with automated zero-touch provisioning for remote deployed assets. Reduce human intervention errors and costly visits to deploy and provision assets at remote locations. Prepare firmware and configuration files for automated updates as needed. 

Another critical feature of True Zero-Touch automation is device import, which can be a challenge when purchasing hundreds or thousands of devices. ConsoleFlow automatically imports purchased devices directly into the customer’s ConsoleFlow account, eliminating repetitive and time-consuming effort adding devices one at a time.

View your globally distributed assets through a single pane-of-glass from anywhere, always.

Monitor, manage, and troubleshoot your IoT and REM assets from anywhere in the world, at any time. Explore and quickly find the specific assets you need across your entire inventory of IoT and REM equipment from anywhere, at any time.

Select a specific asset, check detailed asset properties, and scan through the real-time telemetry status data.

Securely access, maintain, and troubleshoot your assets in real-time.

Perform asset data analysis to gain operational insights to help transform the way you do business. Users have a secure path to remotely access Lantronix assets and the network assets that are connected to it. Perform simple diagnostic actions to reboot or restart an asset to bring it back online.

Users can also login to the remote asset to make configuration changes or view log files to troubleshoot any issues.

Create new revenue streams by delivering managed services.

The multi-tenant platform enables customers to create portals that are aligned with your use cases and business objectives.

A portal can be created for customers to manage their own devices. A single portal can support a large number of individual customers. All customer accounts are separate and secure. Accessing status data and log information to analyze data trends to improve resiliency and efficiency.

Create custom dashboards and charts using time-series or real-time status data. Run deep analysis on status data to gain insight into key trends and anomalies to help improve operational efficiency.

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