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We provide a range of modules for reliable connectivity, ease of integration, and faster time-to-market when developing scalable and secure applications. We offer several easy-to-embed technologies across our module range; from cellular, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to low-power capability and GNSS functionality.

Explore our module and device catalogue. We provide an extensive range of modules with a wide collection of connectivity options, not limited to a single technology. Most of our products extend beyond a single function to diverse combinations of embedded functionality.

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How Can We Help You?

Hardware Design

Our primary goal is to provide you with the best products and the best support resources available. Our team of experts can help you in any aspect of your hardware project, including support in identifying the correct product, electronic engineering, industrial engineering, certification, testing, and manufacturing. Contact us for any support you may need. 

Software and Integration

Connectivity is useless if it can’t be put to a service; this requires integration at the edge, across networks, and in the cloud. Collecting the data into a unified system makes it valuable. These systems require dashboards and management systems. We can provide the necessary know-how and resources to support you in any phase of the development of such systems.  

Contact our Sales Team

We are happy to answer any enquiry regarding whatever product questions you have. Send us a message and we will set up a call with an expert to assist you. You can also contact us via the email or phone numbers below.

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At Your Service


Whether you require technical support, bespoke design or development, secure network management solutions, or technical documentation, Linkwave can help.

We pride ourselves on our ability to add value to the service we provide, and constantly go the extra mile for our customers and their individual requirements.

Please browse our current resources to find out how we can support your project.


Linkwave offers a wide variety of support services from sales to product, including all the necessary configuration, management, engineering, development and operations.

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Expert Assist

Have a Linkwave expert assist you in the design, development, testing and manufacturing of your solution or product, by leveraging the knowledge of our professionals into your project.

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Find the datasheets, manuals or user guides for the product we have in catalogue, use our fast find and download service to get to the information you need when you need it.