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Frequently Asked Questions:

How to assemble the Pilot Kit?

- Assembly of PiloT Kit

– We have a how-to page to walk you through the full process step by step

What is Octave??

- What is Octave for and how do I benefit from it. Is it an IoT platform?

– The All-in-One Edge-to-Cloud Solution for Industrial Asset Monitoring
Octave lets you securely extract, orchestrate, and act on data from your equipment to your cloud

As the all-in-one edge-to-cloud solution for the Industrial IoT, Octave enables industrial companies to extract, orchestrate, and act on meaningful and useful data from their industrial equipment to their cloud infrastructure. In essence, Octave solves both the complexity and the data orchestration challenge, whilst also offering reliable end-to-end security.

Can I add any type of container to an XR90?

- Can I add any type of Docker container to an XR90 application host?

– No, both XR90 and XR80 are Airlink OS capable and support the hosting of containers. However, the containers need to be compiled exclusively for an ARM 64 processor, they need to be no bigger than 750Mb in size and limited to a max of 5 containers, total memory use is limited to 2Gb across all active containers. The container build can not have an Entry Point defined, the entry or startup is managed by a command script added to the host’s config. See details on Airlink OS below.

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