Often overlooked, accessories can make a difference to the outcome of a project. The things we build and design need to interface with the surrounding world. Accessories are as important as the main components and demand the necessary attention. We have chosen a range of appropriate accessories to complement your project.

Solutions require well-planned interfaces with the environment into which they will be deployed. Brackets and other mechanical fixings for support and retention; antennas, cables and connectors to connect them and power supplies to activate them. The right choice of accessories can make a difference to the success of a project.
Linkwave is proud to have a selection of the top manufacturers and an extensive offering of accessories to match the most demanding requirements. 

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How Can We Help You?

Hardware Design

Our primary goal is to provide you with the best products and the best support resources available. Our team of experts can help you in any aspect of your hardware project, including support in identifying the correct product, electronic engineering, industrial engineering, certification, testing, and manufacturing. Contact us for any support you may need. 

Software and Integration

Connectivity is useless if it can’t be put to a service, this requires integration at the edge, across networks, and in the cloud. Collecting the data into a unified system makes it valuable. These systems require dashboards and management systems. We can provide the necessary know-how and resources to support you in any phase of the development of such systems.  

Let Us Help

The selection of the right accessory may be a daunting and challenging task and the choice will contribute to the rate of success of the final product. We can help in this process and reduce the uncertainty of the final choice. Starting with a filtered option from our professionals will help lower the cost of testing and improve the TTM.

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