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Weight 72.5 g
Dimensions 132 × 76.2 × 66 mm

Sierra Wireless


EMEA, USA, Australia and New Zealand; Thailand


1.8m long, Color Black

Sierra Wireless AirLink AC Adaptor 12 VDC


VAT not included

In stock

Linkwave Part Number: 3617-03

The Sierra Wireless AirLink AC Adaptor, 12 VDC is a switching power supply that converts 240V or 100V AC to 12V DC

This AC power adaptor for AirLink routers comes with a complete set of UK, EU, NA, and Australian blades.

Works for GX450, MP70, RV50, RV50X, ES450 RV55, RX55, and all other Airlink modems starting with LS, ES, GX, and RV.

***Please note — this product is intended only for use with Sierra Wireless AirLink ES, GX, LS, MP, RV, RX, and LX Series products.***


  • includes ripple voltage removal filter