Furuno GT-88 Timing Receiver Module

Linkwave Part Number: 4623-01

The GT-88 is a Multi GNSS receiver that outputs high stability and high accuracy time pulse (1PPS). By improving carrier smoothing, optimizing the combination of used satellites, and significantly improving the position estimation algorithm, we achieve a single band 1PPS  stability of less than 4.5ns (1σ). Since costly multi band receivers and multi band antennas are not required, the total cost can be greatly reduced.

The GT-88 delivers excellent performance not only in ideal environments with open skies, but also in urban areas with multipath. Our advanced “Dynamic Satellite Selection ™*” (DSS) algorithm appropriately selects and uses high-quality satellite signals and minimizes the  egradation of time stability. Ideal for mobile base stations and PTP grand master clocks installed in urban areas.

* a new satellite signal selection algorithm developed by NTT

The main applications of GT-88 include 5G mobile base stations, police radios, emergency services radio systems, train radios, and time servers. Furuno’s GT series is also installed in seismographs in Japan, an earthquake prone country.


Additional information

Weight 10 g
Dimensions 12.2 × 16 × 2.8 mm




GNSS Reception Capability


GNSS Concurrent Reception

32 channels


GPS/ Tracking: > 162 dBm, Acquisition: > 148 dBm, GLONASS/ Tracking: > 158 dBm, Acquisition: > 144 dBm, Galileo *3/ Tracking: > 146 dBm, Acquisition: > 136 dBm, QZSS/ Tracking: > 147 dBm, Acquisition: > 131 dBm

1PPS Stability

< 4.5 ns < 4.5 ns (1

1PPS Accuracy

< +/- 40 ns (vs UTC)

1PPS Resolution

+/- 1.75 ns

Clock Configurable Range

10 Hz to 40 MHz


Hot Start: <5 sec
Cold Start: <35 sec


UART, Time Pulse (1PPS), Clock

Package Form Factor

24Pin LCC (Leadless Chip Carrier)

Power Voltage

DC 3.3 V

Power Consumption

< 68 mA

Operating Temperature

-40ºC to +85ºC


  • Enable to output accurate and robust UTC time and 1PPS synchronized with UTC time
  • GNSS antennas can be mounted on walls and windows of tall buildings
  • In comformity with G.8272 PRTC-A *In conformity with TDEV/MTIE
  • Concurrent reception of GPS/GLONASS/Galileo/QZSS/SBAS
  • Suitable for various communication and broadcasting applications (TRAIM, Single Satellite Tracking, Multipath Mitigation, Anti-Jamming and Anti-Spoofing)
  • Configurable frequency output (10 Hz to 40 MHz)
  • Enhance performance in combination with recommended antenna
  • Highly noise and environmental resistant.
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