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Weight 25 g
Dimensions 80 × 70 × 15 mm




Cavli Wireless C16QS LTE CAT1bis Evaluation Kit, Global, with GNSS


VAT not included

Linkwave Part Number: 6703-02

Fast-track your IoT development with the Cavli C16QS Device Development Kit.

The new enhanced C-16QS DDK provides users with flexible product development and evaluation options for several use case scenarios.

The C16QS DDK provides users with complete access to the Cavli C16QS Module with the necessary GPIOs and interfaces for product testing and development.


  • Full access through pin headers for testing and rapid prototyping
  • Independent GNSS with separate UART and 1PPS output
  • Utilises 4FF nano-SIM
  • 4 status LEDs
  • Multiple power supply options available
  • Supports Remote NDIS for Plug & Play Windows integration
  • External Antenna Connectors
  • Simple MQTT Publisher and Subscriber integration using AT Commands
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