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Weight 750 g
Dimensions 280 × 280 × 212 mm

2J Antennas

Antenna Technology

TV, Radio

Mounting Type

Pole Mount, Panel Mount

Connector Type

F Plug


Analog, DBA, DVB-T, DVB-T2, FM, HDTV

Frequency (MHz)





Horizontal, Vertical

Gain dBi



2 x TV/DAB, 1 x FM

Power Voltage

10-24V, AC Line: 110V/60Hz and 220V/50Hz

2J Antennas Sombrero 2J9438JBW TV/Radio Pole Mount Antenna


VAT not included

In stock

Linkwave Part Number: 4947-01

The Most Powerful Omni-directional Waterproof Digital TV / HD Radio Antenna For Outdoor Use

2J Antennas is a world leader in the wireless antenna market with over 1500+ active off-the-shelf and custom products focused on commercial applications including automotive, IoT, and medical industries. 2J launched the marine and leisure division in 2008 by introducing the “Sombrero” antenna series, targeting the consumer markets with tremendous success. The newest addition to the “Sombrero” series is the best-in-class HDTV/DVBT/DAB High Gain Multi-Cable Digital Television Antenna (2J438JBW) developed for consumer applications and commercial manufacturers. This high-performance antenna is available worldwide and is the go-to OEM antenna choice for RV, recreational boating, and marine manufacturers.

Suggested applications include:

  • RV/ Motorhome
  • Marine
  • Outdoor Installations
  • TV/ HDTV/ DVBT/DAB device connectivity

The omnidirectional 2J438JBW receives a 360° degree horizontal and vertical signal by using a controlled CE certified 30 dB active gain amplifier to boost signal strength. This allows for reliable long-range HDTV/DAB and FM signals without the need for frequent adjustments making it a true plug-n-play consumer experience and ideal for portable applications such as remote camping, RV travel across the country, or exploring the lakes/oceans on a boat. The 2J438JBW operates within 40 MHz to 890 MHz frequencies and is designed to cater to HDTV, DVBT, DVBT2, Analog, HD FM, and DAB standards.


  • For Marine, RV and Outdoor installation
  • Reliable TV reception
  • Omnidirectional TV Antenna
  • Dual Polarized H/V Antenna
  • +30dB Digital Amplifier
  • 360° Coverage
  • Unique Dynamic Active Gain -10 to +30dB
  • Up to 2TVs/DAB and 1FM
  • UV protected
  • Antenna Bracket included
  • Mounting Accessories included
  • Customizable Cable and Connector
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