Verizon announces availability of world’s first CAT 1 LTE network


Earlier this month, Verizon announced the availability of the world's first CAT 1 LTE network features for IoT devices.

Verizon customers will benefit from 4G connectivity with faster speeds of up to 10Mbs; making it ideal for deployments initially developed for 2G.

The announcement, which demonstrates the latest development in powering the reliability of LTE, comes shortly after Sierra Wireless announced the release of LTE CAT 1 devices based on the AirPrime HL Series.

Verizon claims they are the first to move forward with the CAT 1 solution, which is now available nationwide.

Thierry Sender, Director of Architecture and Infrastructure at Verizon, said: "We're moving aggressively to continue to expand [the IoT devices] portfolio.

"It's very significant because it's the first of the next generation in IoT solutions and it's now fully deployed on Verizon." 

As part of its IoT initiative, Verizon is creating a dedicated IoT network core that will run alongside the LTE network that serves its smartphones, tablets and other devices.

"We're all about building the best network for customers' applications,” said Thierry.  

"We wholeheartedly believe in the IoT future of billions of devices and we're getting ahead in terms of preparing to support what we feel is going to be a significant demand from customers.”

 Verizon provides global IoT coverage in more than 100 countries with plans to expand its footprint in the coming months to nearly 200 countries.