New product release: Sierra Wireless AirLink GL8200


This month marks the release of the Sierra Wireless AirLink GL8200 – the new compact 3G/HSPA serial modem that allows users to connect to a wireless network by plugging in a Micro-Fit cable and an RF antenna.

Alongside features such as compact form factor for easy product integration, low-power modes and free over-the-air firmware updates; the GL8200 also offers data connectivity on both 2G and 3G networks.

Furthermore, the modem allows for seamless connectivity to the Sierra Wireless IoT Acceleration Platform - the industry’s first integrated service platform that incorporates cloud, hardware, and managed connectivity services to support new wireless solutions.

The AirLink GL8200 will be available to purchase from Linkwave Technologies during December.

For more information regarding the Airlink GL8200’s features and product specification, click here, or download your Airlink GL8200 user guide at the Source