ALEOS 4.16 is now available for all ALEOS-powered routers.

ALEOS 4.16 is a major release that includes 300+ features, security enhancements and bug fixes. This release is available for LX40/60, RV50, RV50x, RV55 & MP70 routers. Customers using Sierra’s AirLink Management Service (ALMS), AirLink Mobility Manager (AMM) or AirLink Manager (AM) are encouraged to upgrade to this release remotely/over-the-air. For customers not using ALMS today, this is a great opportunity to help your customers realize the benefits of managing their ALEOS devices remotely with ALMS. This release is not currently scheduled to be released to the factory. Below are just a few of the updates:

  • WPA3 support for an improved security posture
  • Wi-Fi improvements including “Download Wi-Fi Client Logs” feature; and a table to show available access points in range, and access point status
  • Enhanced SMS commands including the ability to perform a Reset to Factory Default over SMS

For the complete list of updates, please refer to the release notes available on the Source. Also, register for the Q4 Channel Quarterly Webinar to hear more about ALEO 4.16 from our product management team.