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Company of the Month - Industry Update
Linkwave achieve Company of the Month with Industry Update UK

14th December 2021

Industry Update UK has selected Linkwave Technologies to be Company of the Month in their December edition. The projects being delivered by Linkwave, both in the IoT and the Enterprise space are...

3G Sunset
All Public 2G and 3G UK Mobile Services Switched Off by 2033

8th December 2021

The Government is today announcing, together with UK mobile network operators, a joint ambition for 35% of the UK’s mobile network traffic to be carried over open and interoperable Radio Access...

Private 5G networks start powering autonomous mining
Private 5G networks start powering autonomous mining

25th October 2021

Autonomous mining using 5G cellular technology and satellite Internet of Things (IoT) services is starting in markets around the world. One of Latin America’s first autonomous mining pilots is...