Driving innovation in IoT Solutions

Providing custom cutting-edge IoT and Connectivity solutions to any size projects for all industries and requirements. If it can be measured, we can monitor it. If it can be reached, we can manage it. If it is out there, we can connect it.


Having the correct expertise to provide the best resources over the extensive range of products, technologies, and services we offer, requires years of experience in all these specific fields.


Our team is composed of a group of experts in different fields that expands from electronics engineering to software development including manufacturing and procurement


Linkwave is a leader in technology and innovation. We help customers to succeed by providing innovative solutions. We believe that to help our customers succeed, bringing innovation into their solutions is a must principle.


Trust is a major component of our business philosophy, customers buy products and services based on that trust. Linkwave goes out of its way to ensure it provides trust and confidence in all it does.

End Products

We provide a broad catalogue of options with top-of-the-range 5G, 4G, and Wi-Fi ready-to-use reliable telecommunication equipment and end products for any mobile or remote solution.


Our range of modules and assembly boards from leading global manufacturers covers an extensive spectrum of communication and of industry requirements from 5G, 4G Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and more.  


Accessories are in a world of their own. It is hard to think of any product that does not interface with an accessory to connect to its environment to get services and communications and communicate with its environment.  

Cloud Services

Connecting, monitoring, and centralizing IoT data is not always simple. Linkwave provides fully managed 24/7 reliable cloud services for a variety of edge systems making integration easier. 

Special Projects

You don't always have in-house expertise with all the necessary skills for a project. In Linkwave we have been helping customers fill in the gaps and successes with their projects by providing  our engineering team.  

About Us

Linkwave Technologies is a value-added distributor of  4G-LTE/5G wireless connectivity, Ethernet connectivity, location, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi solutions. With extensive product knowledge, we are passionate about delivering high standards of technical support and commercial service. Linkwave Technologies is a specialist distributor for major manufacturers, serving the UK and Ireland.

Our Speciality

About Us

Linkwave Technologies specialises in the distribution and integration of wireless connectivity products into a wide range of platforms. Our extensive experience in the field of cellular technologies enables us to assist you with your choice of wireless solution and to support you throughout your project lifecycle. We can advise on use of products in low power designs (LPWA), integration of products into systems using embedded operating systems, and more.

Our Services

What we do

End Product

Our ready-to-use devices come with a variety of capabilities to support a range of mission-critical and business-critical applications - allowing for the monitoring and control of field-deployed assets.

Special Projects

We offer bespoke engineering and development services to our customers. We Support them in the design, development, manufacturing, and production of their projects and offer custom solutions

The Team

We provide a complete team of professional experts in a broad range of capacities, providing all the necessary support to succeed in any project.

Empty cockpit of autonomous car, HUD(Head Up Display) and digital speedometer. self-driving vehicle.


We offer a range of modules for reliable connectivity, ease of integration, and faster time-to-market when developing scalable applications, offering easy-to-embed technologies across our module range; from cellular, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi to low-power capability and GNSS functionality.

Cloud Services

We provide a full suite of cloud services and management tools for a variety of our connected edge devices, offering specialized administration and monitoring tools and services.


We are more than just a supplier, we get involved in supporting our customers beyond the sales point.

Our Projects

Visit our portfolio of contributions and special projects. We have provided engineering, manufacturing, support, development, and operational management services to a wide range of projects and solutions in a variety of industries and markets.

At Your Service


Whether you require technical support, bespoke design or development, secure network management solutions, or technical documentation, Linkwave can help.

We pride ourselves on our ability to add value to the service we provide, and constantly go the extra mile for our customers and their individual requirements.

Please browse our current resources to find out how we can support your project.


Linkwave offers a wide variety of support services from sales to product, including all the necessary configuration, management, engineering, development, and operation of the product’.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) concept. Deep learning. GUI (Graphical User Interface).

Expert Assist

Utilise the professional knowledge of our experts to assist you in the design, development, testing and manufacturing of your solution or product. By leveraging the knowledge of our professionals into your project.

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Find the datasheets, manuals or user guides for the product we have in the catalogue. Use our fast find and download service to get the information you need when you need it.