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The PiloT — 3G HAT for Raspberry Pi
Add a 3G mobile data connection to the Raspberry Pi
A 3G HAT for the Raspberry Pi     The PiloT® is a WAN communications board which provides a 3G /...
Renfell I2C SPI GPIO UART Interface IoT Connector
Renfell | Interface IoT Connector
The Renfell Engineering Interface IoT Connector enables the developer to access some of the I/O interfaces of the mangOH...

Experts in wireless connectivity

Linkwave Technologies is a provider of wireless communications components and modules, specialising in industry standard 2G / 3G4G / LTE and Location based products.

We are a distributor of Sierra Wireless products across the UK and Ireland. 


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What a day! Congrats fellow Product of the Year finalists 🎉
Very proud Finalist Innovation awards. Congrats finalists
We are proud to announce that Linkwave Technologies has been shortlisted for the Product of the Year & I…
Want to add a mobile data connection to the ? Find out how in our tutorial:…
RT : are exhibiting with us at the Expo on 17th May 2017! Take a look at the site for more info…
RT : says 80% of manufacturers believe digital supply chains use will expand in the next 5 years.
are exhibiting with us at the Expo on 17th May 2017! Take a look at the site for more info…
. announces state-of-the-art Titan X1 Multi-GNSS Patch module:
Great to meet you last week . Do you have an email I can reach you on?
RT : New cards for available 😀 I2C, SPI, UART, RS232, RS485, GPIO thanks…
New cards for available 😀 I2C, SPI, UART, RS232, RS485, GPIO thanks…
RT : Here's how Low Power Wide Area tech will create more efficient, cost-effective and livable cities:…
A huge thank you to everyone who came by our stand today! Visit for more info about our products.
Here's some more info on the WAN communications board for the : :)
Thank you for popping by our stand at , ! Very pleased that you liked our PiloT. Oh - an…
Come by stall 51 if you get a chance, would be great to chat!
Need a connectivity solution for a construction site, or perhaps a cafe or office? Visit us at stand 9 to find out…
Come and take a look at the PiloT, which provides a wireless interface for the !
We are at the !Don't forget to visit us at stand 9!
Linkwave to demonstrate ' powerful, cloud-based remote management service at :…
Just one week to go until — Don't forget to visit our stand to say hello and see some exciting produc…
RT : New AirPrime Cat-M1 module, based on LTE platform, for use on 4G LTE Cat-M1 network
RT : helps first responders save lives during the ‘golden hour’
. announces industry’s highest performance, lowest power -A gateway:
Great to see the new - next generation following the long & esteemed heritage!
Sierra Wireless launches the industry's smallest programmable gateway:
We are excited to announce that we will be exhibiting at the on the 18th January 2017!…
Welcome to our newest exhibitor at the ! Check out their page and register to attend -…
RT : What is and why are the 3 C's of so important? This makes it simple:…
RT : New AirLink MG90 is optimized for vehicles that need to stay securely connected no matter where they are:…
. announces AirLink MG90 -A vehicle networking platform:
. introduces eUICC solution for Smart SIM and connectivity service:
Yes, absolutely - here is our sponsorship pack 😊
That's great news! Will you be releasing more? It sounds like something we'd love to get involved with!
We've sold out of our first batch of tickets! We have some awesome sponsors too!
Thanks! Things couldn't be better on this sunny day in Lincoln. How's the planning going? It sounds very exciting!
. smart modules selected by Itelma for connected vehicles in Russia:
a great range of products! How are things? 😊
See our special offers page for savings on products, location devices & more! Limited time only:…
Direct marketing campaigns BJ8YBcih
UK's best performing mobile network provider revealed: via

07 Sep

Sorry, but this is bollocks - huge swathes of Wales have no 4G from any operator.
VIDEO: See our demonstration of the WasP and PiloT boards at :
RT : On the AirVantage portal by . Looks great, intuitive workflow. Able to monitor, configure and develop for devices.$SWIR
mobile reaches 90% of homes and offices in , according to research by :
RT : How proprietary technologies stack up to standard mobile IoT technologies:
RT : In stock — HL6528 - just £10.90* if you buy 10 or more! *Exc. VAT. UK + Ire only
. announced as finalist at America’s largest wireless event:
GNSS receiver selected for Clarion's latest car navigation system:
RT : Get the latest on Technologies: Separating Fact from Fiction in our new white paper
RT : for Smart Cities: the end game and the 3 factors that will get us there:
Great footage of ! Did you spot our PiloT and WasP boards at 1:44? Find out more:
Project ™ wins Best Mobile Technology Breakthrough award:
In stock — HL6528 - just £10.90* if you buy 10 or more! *Exc. VAT. UK + Ire only
RT : . announces mangOH Red, a very low power open hw platform w/ cellular, Bluetooth & Wi-Fi
Many thanks to everyone who visited our stand at today. See more of our products at
We are happy to perform a hands-on demo to those interested in our WP Series evaluation board.
We are demonstrating the board, which is currently communicating with a heart rate monitor!
Lots of interest in the traffic light powered by our evaluation board for the !
Hack 1 on well attended! Thanks and for handling it
With quicker speeds & longer range, the allows first responders to :
Sierra Wireless release new -A vehicle router for mobile mission-critical applications:
RT : 400 participants, 30 demos, 30 presentations at the Sierera Wireless Innovation Summit Register Now
RT : Thanks to everyone that was a part of last week's Conference, sponsors, delegates, presenters, exhibitors - the best DDC so far!
No problem, thanks for following back! It was great to meet you too, I hope the show was a success for you!
Thanks for the follow! It was great to meet you at :-)
We're pleased you enjoyed your day, Majdi! Thank you for coming along - hopefully we'll meet again soon :-)
If you'd like some more information about our wide range of products, visit our website at
Thanks to everyone who stopped by our stand at - it's been a great two days!
Hi everyone, are you having a good week so far? :)
Did you know we sell a range of antennas? Visit us at or see for more information.
Day 2 of / and we're showing more exciting products. Have you seen the new modules for MangOH?
We are showing the today! Add a wireless connection to the / :
Visit for more information about the exciting products we're showing at
RT : We're honored to be a finalist for Most Innovative IoT/M2M Strategy (Vendor)!
One week until our application workshop at . Limited places still available:
Two weeks to go until we are joined by at the UK Device Developers' Conference! Find out more:
RT : We'll be presenting with at HWExpo in the UK April-27-28 in Cambridge. See you there?
We'll be presenting with at HWExpo in the UK April-27-28 in Cambridge. See you there?
Linkwave and to demonstrate new open source software and hardware platforms at UK conference:
RT : -M will keep telcos relevant in # era, says Sierra
RT : We added vehicle to our GX450 mobile gateway - fleet management simplified
RT : Sierra Wireless deploys interoperable smart grid AirLink® gateway solution as part of COW-II
Great news — have been shortlisted for two awards!
RT : Which technology will win the standards battle to connect billions of Internet of Things devices?
Available to buy online: The award-winning AirLink® ES450 Intelligent Gateway:
. AirLink® ES450 wins Best Branch Office Gateway award from :
RT : I chat to about why 2016 will see the go global
. announces availability of world’s first network:
RT : Sierra Wireless' Emmanuel Walckanaer talks connectivity
. EM7455 module to provide -Advanced connectivity in next-generation products:
Don't forget — today is our final shipping date for 2015! Shop online now:
. We expect to launch the in the new year :) In the meantime, check out for more information!
when will it be available on ? I want one! :)
How to achieve Lowest Power Consumption using the AirLink® Raven :
RT : We have liftoff! has taken to the sky with its passengers
RT : One hour and counting before start of live launch coverage:
TODAY — satellite duo set for space launch:
Please note: Our final shipping date for 2015 is Wednesday 23rd December. Don't miss out!
Stay — Our wide range of are now available to purchase online!
community — what are your thoughts on a that adds a WAN connection to your ?
Great news! You can now order online with Linkwave :
Did you know — the new RV50 offers advanced LTE coverage within the toughest environments?
New product launch: The industry’s lowest power industrial gateway — the Raven RV50:
RT : Thx for the smart energy VIDEO with and Acceleration Platform
RT : Open hardware reference design to speed wireless IoT product development
New Acceleration Platform powers the connected world:
Big congrats to the better half, in her next career role with after completing grad scheme with
We have moved! Our new address is Linkwave Technologies Limited, Unit 18 Witham Point, Wavell Drive, Lincoln LN3 4PL
RT : Tutorial: develop connected apps for GX400,GX440,LS300,ES440 gateways - Tutorial renewed!
RT : Sierra Wireless history of innovation - 100 millions devices connected today! -

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