Robustel Launches MG460 Maritime Gateway

Robustel is proud to announce that the MG460 is the first maritime gateway to receive ‘IEC61162-460 Edition 3‘ certification. This rigorous certification signifies that the MG460 has undergone and passed stringent cyber-security scrutiny, ensuring the highest level of protection for data transmission on even the largest vessels.


Navigating the Digital Seas with Confidence

The MG460 addresses the growing demand for secure and reliable data connectivity in the maritime industry. As maritime operations become increasingly digitalized, robust data security becomes paramount. The MG460 tackles this challenge head-on, featuring:

  • Multilayer security architecture: Protects against cyber threats and ensures data integrity throughout the voyage.
  • Compliance with IEC 61162-460 and IEC 60945 standards: Guarantees the gateway meets stringent maritime safety and security requirements.
  • DNV Type Approval Certificate: Provides additional assurance of reliability and performance in harsh maritime environments.

Unleashing Operational Efficiency

Beyond security, the MG460 unlocks a new level of operational efficiency for maritime navigation companies. Its advanced features include:

  • Powerful quad-core CPU with integrated NPU: Enables on-board data processing and edge computing applications, facilitating real-time decision making.
  • Comprehensive connectivity options: Supports cellular, satellite, and Wi-Fi connections, ensuring seamless data transmission regardless of location.
  • Seamless integration with Robustel’s RCMS cloud platform: Provides centralized device management, remote monitoring, and valuable data insights.
Please contact us for more details about the MG460.