Wireless Communications solutions for Lone and Remote Workers

How Linkwave can help

Remote workers may have to contend with difficult installation locations that require regular maintenance and up-keep. The safety of lone workers in the field is paramount and having the ability to location track them is critical.

The most obvious contact device for a remote worker is the mobile phone - but what about when data needs to be sent back from the field? For example, scientific researchers operating in remote locations may require the need for a 4G uplink for one or more remote workers. A connection can be made using a suitable gateway device that offers a number of WiFi connections from a small or large team of workers.



Benefits of cellular connectivity for lone and remote workers

- Safety for the lone worker with ‘always-connected’ alert monitoring systems

- Increased coverage enables working in complex remote areas

- Use of multiple mobile devices for data transfer

- Track your workers and be in constant communication.

How it works