Wireless Communications in Point Of Sale Systems

How Linkwave can help

Point of Sale is a critical environment for fast, reliable communication where payments are sent in real-time. Systems need to have the ability to manage thousands of SKUs across multiple locations with upscaling potential. Businesses realise the need for a reliable and fast gateway, especially in ‘pop-up’ events where a solid LTE uplink is needed. You can now easily deploy a small and reliable Cat-4 device out in the field for your mobile POS installations – allowing for rapid, reliable payments between front-end and back-end operation, and a faster, more enjoyable checkout experience for customers. 



Benefits of cellular connectivity for POS

- Flexibility in relocating POS equipment due to no hard-wiring

- Remote updates to messaging systems, software and firmware

- Remote maintenance of equipment - making large savings

- High-speed, secure transactions.


How it works