Weather Monitoring

How Linkwave can help

Many daily activities and businesses rely on the reportage of the weather. In today's world, retailers buy data from weather institutions for daily updates to determine appropriate products to put on the shelves. Future weather forecasts are used to determine travel schedules and to plan many other aspects within businesses. Some monitoring stations are in remote locations or at high points that are inaccessible by normal means. Linkwave can provide a range of robust and reliable products that can withstand extreme environments and utilise low power over long periods - ensuring weather data can be collected at all times, and in all conditions.

Benefits of cellular connectivity for weather monitoring

- Easily collect data from UV sensors, wind sensors or temp sensors for quick uplink to the cloud

- Trend weather patterns over defined periods of time

- Create weather reports in near-real time

- Safeguard the general public with alert systems.

How it works