Wasp2 enabler board for RC Series, WP Series, HL Series

A simple, low cost evaluation board for Sierra Wireless Cellular IoT modules

Linkwave's Wasp2 enabler board is an evaluation board suitable for all Sierra Wirelsss RC, WP and HL Series cellular IoT modules. The module is mounted within a CF3 socket, facilitating module swap-out, making Wasp2 an ideal platform for module firmware upgrades. Wasp2 can be used stand-alone, powered from host USB or separately, or can be added to Raspberry Pi, Arduino Uno and Arduino Mega, with mechanical fixings available.

Wasp2 can also be used as an Octave edge device, extracting data over a TTL serial port.

Wasp2 for Sierra Wireless RC Series, WP Series, HL Series modules

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