Sierra Wireless AirPrime WP Series / Legato Application System
The Linkwave WasP is an evaluation board for the WP Series of Sierra Wireless AirPrime modules. It can also be used as an application and communication processing mezzanine board for more complex IoT systems.
Offering a Linux-based application host, the WasP will be available in 3G and LTE versions, supporting global network connectivity.


  • WP evaluation board
  • Linux-based application host
  • 3G and LTE versions available
  • Supports global network connectivity
  • Multiple power sources
  • 32 pin header
  • GNSS
  • CF3 form factor
  • Single sided PCB


Embedded Wireless Module

  • Sierra Wireless WP Series AirPrime modules

Power Inputs

  • Board is 5V powered and has multiple power source options: micro USB OTG input | dedicated micro USB power input | via 32 pin 0.1” header | source configured via 0.1” junipers

Power Outputs

  • 3v3 1.5A independent from radio | 3V7 radio supply


  • 32 pin header has user configured voltage translation on all IO – 1V8 to 5V operation. 3V3 OP | 5V IP or OP | module supply OP or IP | SPI | I2C | UART1 5 wire | UART2 2 wire.
  • USB OTG connector: can power the board when set as device | can be host and provide 5V to external device | in device mode, provides USB serial and CDC ECM network ports.
  • RF connection:  RF main U.FL | GNSS U.FL

Antenna Connectors

  • 2G/3G/4G antenna connector: U.FL
  • GNSS antenna connector: U.FL

Form Factor

  • The board’s CF3 socket supports a range of AirPrime WP modules from Sierra Wireless.


  • 85mm x 50mm
  • Single sided PCB