The PiloT

Add a 4G / 3G mobile data connection to the Raspberry Pi

A 4G / 3G / 2G HAT for the Raspberry Pi


**Please note: some variants of the PiloT require antennas to be purchased separately. Please see the description below for more information.**

**Raspberry Pi sold separately**
Important information regarding antennas: 
  • A separately supplied 4G antenna is required for use with the HL7692 (4G) variant of the PiloT. Please call +44 01522 884 750 for more information, or click here to contact us via email. 
  • A separate GNSS antenna is required for the HL8548-G (3G / GPS) variant of the PiloT. Click here to purchase the recommended 2J GNSS patch antenna. 
The PiloT® is a WAN communications board which provides a 3G / HSPA 4G / LTE wireless interface for the Raspberry Pi. The PiloT® features an on-board Sierra Wireless HL Series module teamed with a SIM card of the user’s choice, as well as a GNSS* solution, which is used to provide location and time information.
The PiIoT® is able to communicate with the Raspberry Pi using serial or USB communications, with separate channels for control, data and location data. It can be powered by the Raspberry Pi, or a separate power supply can be used. 
When used in CDC-ECM mode over USB, the PiIoT® presents as an Ethernet-like WAN device, simplifying control of data sessions. In this mode, PPP is not required; a simple command initiates the session. The PiIoT® can also be used to transfer data to the Sierra Wireless AirVantage® service using MQTT from a Raspberry Pi; offering a rapidly deployable device-to-cloud architecture.
Four different variants of the PiloT® are currently available –  the HL7692, which provides a 4G / LTE connection for the European market,and the HL8548-G, which caters to the global market, and provides a GNSS engine, which is based on SiRF V technology. GNSS data can be transferred over serial or USB interfaces, providing accurate location information for your application. It can also be used to provide accurate time. 
The PiIoT® uses a small number of I/Os; the remainder are passed through on the 40-pin headers for use by other applications. Simple AT commands are used to control and monitor sessions on the Sierra Wireless HL Series module.
The PiloT® is compatible with the Raspberry Pi 2, 3 and Zero, and can also be used in standalone mode to provide communications to other development boards.
Please note: different variants of the PiloT® are now available. Please see the data sheet for more information.


  • Provides a 4G / LTE, 3G /HSPA, 2G wireless interface for the Raspberry Pi 
  • Highly versatile design
  • Simplified control of data sessions
  • Fast and accurate time and location tracking
  • Compatible with IoT Acceleration Platform


Embedded Wireless Module

Sierra Wireless HL8548-G / HL8518 / HL8548 / HL7692

Frequency Bands

HSPA: B1 (2100MHz) / B2 (1900MHz) / B5 (850MHz) / B6 (850MHz) / B8 (900MHz) / B19 (800MHz)

EDGE/GPRS: 850/900/1800/1900MHz

3G Protocols


GNSS Support





3V Micro-SIM


From Raspberry Pi or direct (can also power Raspberry Pi)

AT Command Interface

3GPP 27.007 standard, plus proprietary extended com-mands

IP Stack

On-board or Raspberry Pi



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