Safety and Security

Reliable threat mitigation solutions from Linkwave

From secure asset tracking to public safety, Linkwave can assist you in ensuring the protection of people and resources with efficient threat mitigation solutions.

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Safety and security application examples

Public Safety

4G LTE is adding support for critical communications technologies such as push-to-talk, peer-to-peer operation, and prioritization. Linkwave are working with councils and local government entities to ensure public safety is a priority.

Asset Tracking

With a range of routers and modems that allow built in intelligence for a range of tracking telematics, Linkwave has the expertise to advise on the best solution for you. Whether you wish to track a single container, or a fleet of vehicles, we can support you at the module level and upwards.

Access Control

Peace of mind is essential when you have business critical items left unattended - whether at a remote installation, or on unoccupied premises. A simple or detailed company branded portal is one solution we can offer to allow for the secure control and real-time monitoring of access points in your business.