Remote Vehicle Control using the Sierra Wireless XR90

As you view the video you will notice the person in the vehicle has his arms folded and is only in the vehicle for safety purposes in this demonstration. The remote vehicle is located at a distance of 1km.

A command support unit housing a server rack contains the XR90 router. Connected to the switch infrastructure, within the rack, is equipment consisting of a mock-up steering-wheel, brake-pedals, TV etc, that is being used to control the remote vehicle.

Video and telematics data is streamed from the vehicle to the operator in the command support unit, who is controlling the vehicle using the steering wheel and brake pedals. Cameras and sensors attached to the remote vehicle relay data over the 5G XR90 connection.

The demonstration was carried out over the public cellular network, (as opposed to a private cellular network) latency was ultra-low.

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