Patient Data Monitoring

How Linkwave can help

Patients with high risk health problems need careful monitoring - not only to manage the condition of the patient, but to provide fast support should the patient experience a life-threatening event. Cellular technology can provide first responders with an alarm and vital details of the patient’s condition en-route to their location.  

Monitoring patients with chronic illness from home is seen as a way of reducing winter demand on health services. Sensors worn by the patient transmit data via wire-free systems like BLE / Bluetooth / Wi-Fi to smartphones or routers.  

Benefits of cellular connectivity for patient data monitoring

- Cellular connectivity can improve patient care with fast response times

- Patient data security is enhanced with secure methods of transmission using VPN standards

- IoT-assisted tracking systems can allow medical staff to access patient records quickly

- Cellular data from devices can be collected and made available to physicians and caretakers remotely and in real-time.

How it works