UK's best performing mobile network provider revealed



EE has been revealed as the best performing of the big four network providers in the UK, according to new research by mobile industry analyst, RootMetrics.
RootMetrics conducted over 800,000 tests to see how the operators compared in metro areas, within each of the four UK nations, and across the UK as a whole.
The study, which tested network reliability, speed, data performance, calls and texts, found that EE came top in all categories – scoring 92.1 out of 100 for overall performance, with Three ranking second in the category with 85.3 out of 100. 
Three also came second in the categories of network reliability and data, call and text performance. However, it ranked bottom in the speed category – perhaps due to its relatively slow deployment of 4G services across the UK. RootMetrics predicts that more focus in this area could improve Three’s speed ranking in future reports.
O2 ranked bottom across all categories except speed, where it came third out of four. Its performance in both the call and text categories decreased from second in RootMetrics’ previous round of testing, which appears to be largely due to Vodafone’s greatly improved results in these areas – particularly at the metro level. 
As well as better results in the call and text categories, Vodafone ranked second behind EE for network speed. With Vodafone continuing to expand its 4G presence across the UK, RootMetrics expects the gap between Vodafone and the leaders to narrow over the course of the near-future.
In order to earn an accolade from RootMetrics, an operator needs to offer outstanding performance across all the different spaces where consumers use their mobiles; from cities and villages of all sizes, to roadways, rural areas, and all the places in between. 
RootMetrics use randomised spatial sampling techniques to collect data in a comprehensive, unbiased manner; allowing them to paint a complete and accurate picture of mobile network performance across the entirety of the UK.
Read the full report and discover more about RootMetrics here.