Sierra Wireless launches the industry's smallest programmable IoT gateway

Sierra Wireless has announced the availability of the AirLink FX30 – the industry’s smallest, most flexible and rugged programmable cellular gateway. 
The FX30 offers a flexible, secure platform to connect machines to the Internet of Things, providing Legato® open source Linux-based programmability and 2G, 3G and LTE connectivity to manage any type of machine, including industrial equipment, infrastructure, building automation systems, laboratory and medical equipment, automation systems, construction equipment, commercial appliances, and portable and renewable energy systems. 
“As a long standing partner of Sierra Wireless, Linkwave has been providing communications solutions based on Fastrack programmable modems for over 15 years for diverse applications including vehicle asset management, vending and security,” said Andrew Newton, Managing Director, Linkwave Technologies.  
“We are particularly excited about the new FX30—a highly reliable and adaptable industrial IoT gateway hosting the Legato embedded platform. A secure Linux OS designed to host multiple applications, together with a toolchain which facilitates rapid development of applications and simplifies cloud connectivity make the FX30 the product of choice for highly customized solutions that closely match customer requirements. 
“We believe that the FX30 will be a market leading offering from Sierra Wireless, providing a major building block for the device to cloud needs of the IoT ecosystem.”
The FX30 builds on the success of Sierra Wireless’ Fastrack Xtend, integrating the Legato open source Linux platform into a small, rugged gateway with flexible hardware interface options to simplify IoT solution development. 
Legato offers a secure application framework, maintained Linux distribution and feature-rich development environment.  Legato’s robust APIs enable users to easily connect to any cloud or network, and allow developers to focus on building value-add IoT applications.
The FX30 is available in both Ethernet and Serial variants, and supports an IoT Connector to enable hardware extensions to interface with an unlimited range of sensors, and wired and wireless networks. It offers best-in-class low power consumption, consuming less than 1W in idle mode and 2mW in ultra-low power mode, making it ideal for solar and battery-powered applications. Security features include support for the Lightweight M2M protocol and pre-shared key encryption. 
For more information on the FX30, click here.
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