Sierra Wireless launches innovative Smart SIM and connectivity service

Sierra Wireless Smart SIM
Sierra Wireless has launched an innovative Smart SIM and connectivity service which integrates connectivity management, operations management and application enablement services into one unique platform.
The SIM will offer a number of benefits, including better coverage and service up-time, smart network connectivity and superior Quality of Service, and vastly simplified global IoT deployments, which will save customers the time and expense of having to arrange multiple service agreements, SIMs and platforms. 
“Our Smart SIM technology allows us to provide our customers with a connectivity service designed for the coverage and quality of service that their IoT use cases require,” said Emmanuel Walckenaer, Senior Vice President, Cloud and Connectivity Services at Sierra Wireless. 
“When combined with our IoT Acceleration Platform, this unique, fully integrated device-to-cloud service accelerates our customers’ time-to-market.”
Sierra Wireless’ connectivity service operates on 2G and 3G today, and LTE will be available in Q2 2016 on a worldwide basis. The Smart SIM is already LTE-ready and available today.  
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