Ready to launch — Galileo satellite duo set for lift-off


Today (17th December 2015) will see the launch of the next two satellites for Europe’s Galileo satellite navigation system — just 10 days before the 10th anniversary of the lift-off of Europe’s very first navigation satellite.

Galileo satellites 11 and 12, which are expected to become operational next spring, will lift off at 11:51 GMT from Europe’s Spaceport in French Guiana on a Soyuz rocket, making this the sixth Galileo launch overall and the third this year.

With the recent release of Furuno MP2.0 software for the Opus7 based devices and modules, the new and existing Galileo satellites can now be tracked, and incorporated into the location solution.

From 2016 onwards, the introduction of a customised Ariane 5 launcher, along with the current Soyuz launcher, will allow the number of satellites that can be inserted into orbit with a single launch to double from two to four.

The Galileo system is partially operational and available to end users now.

To find out more about available Furuno location devices, click here.