FURUNO GNSS receiver selected for Clarion’s latest car navigation system.

Furuno GV-86 GNSS Receiver
FURUNO’s GV-86 GNSS receiver has been selected by Clarion – a global leader in in-vehicle infotainment technologies and intelligent safety systems – for use in its latest car navigation system. 
The GV86 GV-86 is a high sensitivity GPS receiver module supporting Dead Reckoning (DR) function enabling positioning in environments where no satellite signals are received. 
Clarion decided to adopt FURUNO's GV-86 in the NXR16 after carefully analyzing the consistency and accuracy of the positions, which it provides to the maps to display. Clarion also thoroughly evaluated its robustness in heavy-use environments and FURUNO's long-term supply chain capability. 
The NXR16 is designed to meet the needs of professional-use customers in the auto-leasing and rent-a-car industry. Its well-developed user interface and advanced features will meet the stringent demand of professional customers, and it supports multi-language and multi-display features that are important to satisfy the increasing number of foreign tourists using rental-cars.
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