End-of-life notice: Sierra Wireless AirLink GX450

Sierra Wireless AirLink GX450

Sierra Wireless has announced the last time buy and ship dates for the AirLink GX450 Series gateways.

Affected models and their production milestones are as follows: 


GX450 (Wi-Fi variant) including accessory Wi-Fi X-Card (6000624)

Last time buy: 31st December 2019

Last time ship: 30th June 2020


GX450 (Base variant)

Last time buy: 31st March 2020

Last time ship: 30th June 2020


The Sierra Wireless AirLink RV55, with LTE Advanced Pro, is superseding the GX450 and is available as a functional replacement for GX450. Find out more.

The RV50X industrial LTE gateway is also available. Find out more.

To contact us regarding further information about the GX450 end-of-life notification, click here, or call +44 (0)1522 884750.