Celerway Chooses Linkwave Technologies as UK & Ireland Distributor


Linkwave Technologies has entered a partnership with innovative Nordic vendor, Celerway. As a UK distributor of specialised cellular and Wi-Fi equipment, Linkwave is pleased to offer Celerway’s unique mobile-first product range to its customers.

Celerway’s mobile-first SD-WAN software platform features intelligent load balancing across multiple WAN connections of any type, and exploits the full potential of cellular data networks to provide always-on, high-capacity connectivity in a vast number of applications.

Celerway’s hardware offering includes a range of multi-WAN routers that offer superior price per performance in their class, while Nimbus, Celerway’s remote administration platform, enables worry-free deployments. Moreover, Celerway’s leadership team has broad technical and commercial expertise, having contributed to cutting-edge research initiatives and led teams at multinational companies.

Chris Ryan, Sales Manager, UK and Ireland, Linkwave Technologies, said: “Linkwave is well-positioned to bring Celerway's products to the market in the UK and Ireland, thanks to our strong in-house skill set and robust partner network - known for delivering both complex and simple projects successfully.

“We look forward to a productive partnership with Celerway.”

To find out more about Celerway’s mobile-first SD-WAN platform, click here.