4G mobile reaches 90% of homes and offices in Wales

Wales is catching up with the rest of the UK in the availability of 4G services, according to Ofcom. 
90.1% of premises in Wales now have outdoor 4G coverage from one or more mobile networks, narrowing the gap between Scotland (92%), England (98.8%) and Northern Ireland (99.3%), revealed this year’s Communications Market Report (CMR).
In the past year, the proportion of adults in Wales using 4G services has almost doubled with more than four in ten (44%) now using a 4G mobile service, compared with 23% in 2015.
Improvements are being made to extend mobile coverage in Wales, despite technical challenges with the provision of mobile signals due to the landscape in Wales coupled with areas of low population density.
Rules put in place by Ofcom will ensure widespread availability of 4G data services in Wales by the end of 2017. In addition, an agreement reached between the UK Government and the mobile operators will also secure improvements in geographic voice coverage.
Rhodri Williams, Ofcom's Director in Wales, said: “Mobile users in Wales are enjoying better mobile voice and data services than ever before, and progress is still being made.
“The topography of Wales makes it more difficult and costly to build communications infrastructure. So industry, regulators, planning authorities and landowners must continue working together to extend coverage further."