Upcoming Bluetooth Smart Webinars


Bluetooth® Smart is the intelligent, power-friendly version of Bluetooth wireless technology. While the power-efficiency of Bluetooth Smart makes it perfect for devices needing to run off a tiny battery for long periods, the magic of Bluetooth Smart is its ability to work with an application on a smartphone or tablet you already own. Bluetooth Smart makes it easy for developers and OEMs to create solutions that will work with the billions of Bluetooth enabled products already in the hands of consumers today.

This webinar will discuss how to develop long range Bluetooth Smart devices with Bluegiga's BLE121LR Bluetooth Smart Long Range Module and Bluegiga Bluetooth Smart Software. The webinar will also provide a short overview of Bluetooth Smart technology and it's features and benefits.


• Short Bluetooth Smart technology overview

• Introduction to BLE121LR Bluetooth Smart Module

• Introduction to Bluegiga Bluetooth Smart Software

• Application Example: Developing a long range iBeacon with BLE121LR

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