Mobile-first SD-WAN

Celerway's Mobile-First SD-WAN Platform

Celerway’s mobile-first SD-WAN software platform features intelligent load balancing across multiple WAN connections of any type & exploits the full potential of cellular data networks to provide always-on high-capacity connectivity. Celerway’s hardware offering includes a range of multi-WAN routers that offer superior price performance in their class, while Nimbus, Celerway’s remote administration platform, enables worry-free deployments.

Benefits of Mobile SD-WAN

• Reliable and responsive performance

• Secure, encrypted connectivity and access management

• Failover trigger to ensure connectivity is maintained during outages 

• Bandwidth can be tailored according to your organisation’s needs

• Cost-effective management of your data communications

How it works

In many places, there is a multitude of wireless networks available, such as WiFi and mobile networks. However, most devices are only connected to one network at a time, which under some circumstances may lead to slower connections, or even disconnections, even though faster networks may be available in the same area. Celerway’s platform is capable of serving whichever of the currently available networks is the fastest, and switches communication sessions over to a faster network when one network fails to perform. In situations in which one network alone cannot provide the capacity required, the platform aggregates capacity of several networks to provide a better service experience.



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