Medical Systems

How Linkwave can help

Efficient healthcare infrastructure can be achieved with the aid of easy-to-install-and-operate critical devices with proven performance offerings that result in reduced costs, improved patient care, and faster response to critical events.

Bluetooth Low Energy standards allow interoperability of secure data between systems and sensors. While individual data can help a specific patient, WAN / IoT technology can gather data from many individual systems, creating “big data”. These data sets provide a new vision of the health of the population.


Benefits of cellular connectivity for medical systems

- Cellular connectivity can improve medical staff operational efficiency

- Security is enhanced and less vulnerable to attack, compared to WiFi

- IoT-assisted tracking systems can allow medical staff to access inventories online and track them in real-time

- Cellular data from devices can be collected and made available to physicians and caretakers remotely and in real-time

How it works