Ensure safe and efficient marine operations

Ensure safe and efficient inshore and offshore operations with remote management solutions for critical requirements such as downtime prevention, weather tracking and performance monitoring.

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Maritime application examples

In-Shore Communications

Recreational boating demands high bandwidth data and voice communications, whilst wind farms and wave energy harvesting benefit from communications for telemetry and control. Linkwave can offer cellular communications solutions for a range of in-shore and near-shore applications.


Ensure safe and secure marine operations with proven positioning technology offerings from Linkwave. Improve emergency response times, streamline EPIRB systems, and track vessels and high value goods in transit with the aid of GNSS, cellular systems, Wi-Fi and BLE.


Linkwave can provide high quality, proven GNSS solutions which transmit location information of boats to within a couple of meters. Heading and speed can be checked with ease, and autopilot systems guide vessels between waypoints set on precise digital maps, thanks to GPS / GNSS and DGPS services.