IoT Connector for mangOH - I2C SPI GPIO UART

Renfell | IoT Card for mangOH
The Renfell Engineering Interface IoT Connector enables the developer to access some of the I/O interfaces of the mangOH development board without having to design a custom card. The I2C, SPI, GPIO and UART interfaces on the mangOH IoT slot Connector are brought out to the ‘outside world’ on a 20 pin 0.1” pitch connector via isolation and level shifting circuitry.
Devices connected to the ‘outside’ can be powered from either the mangOH supplied 3V3 or 5V supplies, or via 2V8 to 5V0 supplies on the 20pin connector. All I/O is disabled by default and each interface can be separately enabled using the on-board jumpers. Additionally, a header block is provided with standard I2C pullups for 3V3 or 5V operation.
64 Bytes of user Read/Write EEPROM storage is provided for storage of configuration constants or other semi-permanent data.
Linkwave part number: 5303-01
Supplier reference: 0107-10-R1.1