LTE Modem Board

4G Minicard Adaptor Board | Linkwave Technologies
4G Mini Card Adaptor Board

The Linkwave LTE Modem Board is a single PCA with a Sierra Wireless AirPrime MC Series PCI Express Minicard attached. It is aimed at system integrators requiring LTE wireless communications. The LTE Modem board is currently available with the following minicards:

  •  MC7455
  • MC7304

It is compatible with an extended set of LTE bands covering worldwide operators, with high speed connectivity of up to 100Mbps downlink and 50Mbps uplink. Both GNSS and GLONASS location services are available. 

The LTE Modem Board comes with a 0.3M DC Power Cable

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  • Compatible with an extended set of LTE bands
  • High speed connectivity
  • Both GPS and GLONASS location services are available
  • Ideal for industrial IoT applications
  • Separate power and data connectivity


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