ISM Adhesive Wi-Fi / Bluetooth Embedded Antenna

2J | Embedded Antennas

Two connector types are available for ease of integration into your application. See photos for clarification.

A flexible, high efficiency embedded solution covering both 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz bands. Antenna can be easily mounted in most devices due to self-adhesive layer and small size.

An omnidirectional, ground plane independent antenna.

Linkwave part number:


4931-01:  100mm cable, UFL face down

4931-02:  100mm cable, SMA-RP plug

Supplier reference:


2JF0202P-010MC137-UFL:  100mm cable, UFL face down

2JF0202P-010MC137-C603G:  100mm cable, SMA-RP plug



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