Industrial Connectivity

Streamline industrial operations

Manufacturing is undergoing a revolutionary evolution - building upon an existing platform of technologies, theories and practices. With Industry 4.0, manufacturers are faced with the challenge of navigating their way through seemingly endless options to identify practical approaches suitable for their business. Working with a value added distributor like Linkwave, your goals can be reached faster than you think.

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Industrial IoT application examples

Asset Monitoring

Linkwave can offer a range of secure, robust communications devices that are tailored to the needs of the business and proven in providing reliable connectivity to devices in harsh environments and over vast distances.

Factory Automation

With Linkwave's reliable communications devices for factory automation, companies can benefit from free Firmware-Over-the-Air (FOTA) upgrades, and access to a reliable platform offering real-time monitoring for predictive maintenance.

Smart Grid

The next generation power grid (the “Smart Grid”) aims to minimize environmental impact, enhance markets, improve reliability and service, and reduce costs and improve efficiency of electricity distribution.