In-Shore Communications

How Linkwave can help

Linkwave can offer cost-effective, high bandwidth cellular-to-Wi-Fi devices - providing on-board connectivity for boaters requiring access to the internet. Our solutions also offer the ability to monitor electricity usage from moored boats across marinas using programmable cellular gateways connected to energy meters. To ensure safe keeping of moored vessels an installed router can detect if a boat's engine has been unlawfully started and whether it is in transit. Vessels can also have geographical zones configured and alerts sent if a zone has been breached outside of defined hours. Linkwave can offer custom solutions for in-shore assets, from energy use to safe-keeping.

Benefits of cellular connectivity for in-shore communications

- Locate and safeguard valuable assets over the cellular network

- Report energy usage across a marina

- Overcome hard-wired issues in complex environments using wireless coverage.

How it works