GlobalTop Technology is one of most the most experienced GNSS module vendors in the world, and the only one offering extensive firmware customization support for any customer.
They have a comprehensive portfolio of GNSS products that can meet requirements of any positioning applications, including high-performance GNSS modules that cover all segments including industrial, consumer and automotive.

GPS/GNSS Modules-Chipsets

  • GlobalTop | Standalone Multi-GNSS Module
    Firefly X1 is one of the smallest MT3333-based module in the world, offering unrivaled positioning performance and features in an ultra-compact...
  • GlobalTop | GPS/Glonass Module + 16 x 16 Patch Antenna
    Titan 2 is a compact antenna module built based on MediaTek's latest MT3333 engine, offering fast Time-to-First Fix (TTFF) and a high positioning...
  • Hummingbird X1
    GlobalTop | Automotive Dead Reckoning Module
    Hummingbird X1 is an Automotive Dead-Reckoning module, available in a compact size of 20.8 x 20.8 x 2.8 mm. Hummingbird X1 is uniquely designed...
  • Firefly 1
    GlobalTop | Multi-GNSS Module
    Firefly 1 is build based on MT3333 Multi-GNSS engine capable of achieving the high level of sensitivity (-165dBm) and instant Time-to-First Fix (...

Development Kits

  • GlobalTop | Multi-GNSS Module Evaluation Kit
    The main purpose of the EV-kit is to simplify evaluation process for GNSS modules and to help testers operate our products with convenience and...