GF-8052 Oscillator Module

Furuno | High Stability OXCO Oscillator Module

The Furuno GF-8052 is a GPS Frequency Generator that has an OXCO as a base oscillator.

By using GPS as a reference the GF-8052 realizes complete maintenance-free high stability OXCO oscillation. The stability of the GF-8052 is higher than that of Rubidium oscillators and Caesium oscillators. Even if it receives one satellite signal, it generates 1PPS (pulse per second) synchronized with UTC as well as 10MHz sine wave and square wave coherent to 1PPS.

The GF-8052 can synchronize with SBAS satellites (WAAS/MSAS/EGNOS). It continues to operate as a frequency generator even if the GPS satellite signals are interrupted due to emergency situations. It has a “holdover” function that enables it to maintain high clock accuracy even if GPS loses the GPS/SBAS satellite signals. The combination of the GF-8052 and the Furuno GPS antenna contributes to it being jamming-resistant.

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