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The AirLink® FX30 is a compact, ruggest programmable cellular gateway with an ethernet interface. Utilising a rugged form factor with industrial grade architecture and strong aluminium construction, the FX30 is proven to maintain full speed operation in harsh environments from -30 to +75 degree temperatures. An array of low power technologies can be added to the FX30 (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, LoRaWan, CAN, ZigBee, Modbus), allowing you to integrate the FX30 into new, existing or legacy systems. The FX30 has a Linux-based programming platform - offering a true plug & play solution designed for your exact needs.



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Use case examples

Smart City

Monitor critical city-wide deployments such as connected vehicles, utilities, and public safety measures.

Industrial Connectivity

FX30 can provide real-time insights across any industrial infrastructure – allowing you to quickly track your assets, identify maintenance issues, and assess areas where costs and consumption levels can be reduced.

Vehicles and Transportation

Transform your first response or logistics operations, and optimise the performance of your vehicles and assets with FX30.


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