First Response

Speed up emergency response with the aid of reliable, robust solutions

High performance routers can effectively turn emergency services vehicles into a truly mobile office at an incident scene - enabling all connected technologies to be fully operational up to 800 hundred feet from the vehicle. This is vital for wearable devices used by individual firefighters, for example. New developments in vehicle technology enable the creation of a secure VAN that serves both wired and wireless devices, and connects everything to the department and operations teams via a secure wireless wide area connection (WWAN). With this type of architecture, emergency teams can improve crew safety and increase effectiveness by enabling crews to provide the right response at the right time.

First Response application examples

Emergency Vehicles

Quickly alert first responders to medical emergencies, redirect the nearest available vehicle to an incident, and securely ensure real-time transfer of vital signs and rapid generation of incident reports whilst out in the field with the aid of secure, dependable cellular technology.

Incident Management

Whether you need to send tactical maps to responders en-route to an incident or stream live video from the scene back to the command centre, LTE products are a critical ingredient for delivering the unprecedented capabilities of next generation public safety.


Reliable communications devices can ensure rapid, dependable connectivity for compact, lightweight wearables such as body cameras requiring reliable uplink, connected command wear, and tracking devices needing a quality GPS solution.