Factory Automation

How Linkwave can help

Wireless factory automation is an application area with highly demanding communication requirements. The evolution of wireless communication from 4G to 5G is driven by application demands and business models envisioned for the future. This requires support for novel use cases in addition to classical cellular services, and as the IoT continues to evolve, the requirement for application upgrades is likely to increase. Linkwave’s devices offer a cost-effective solution for these requirements – companies can benefit from free Firmware-Over-the-Air (FOTA) upgrades, and access to a reliable platform offering real-time monitoring for predictive maintenance.


Benefits of cellular connectivity for factory automation

- Unmatched versatility over hard-wired connections

- Simpler for the majority of applications

- Reduction in costs of hard-wiring an industrial complex

- Flexibility – transmission from hard-to-get places, such as underground

- Wider geographical coverage.


How it works