Stay connected to your enterprise operations

Streamline your enterprise operation with secure, reliable devices that allow workers to stay connected to mission and business critical applications, whether they are in the office, or out in the field – even when Wi-Fi is not available.

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Enterprise application examples

Branch Locations

A loss of office primary internet connection – even for a few minutes – can have a negative impact on company-wide productivity. Businesses can now rely on 4G/LTE routers to sit on their networks in standby mode, with a secondary WAN port ready to wake up and maintain continuity of service when an outage occurs.

Point of Sale Systems

A solid LTE uplink can streamline mobile POS installations – allowing for rapid, reliable payments, and a faster, more enjoyable checkout experience for customers.

Lone and Remote Workers

The need for reliable communication is critical for all remote workers. Whether the worker is home-based or ‘on-the-road’, connectivity back to the office can be crucial in maintaining productivity and ensuring the safety of workers.