EM7421 LTE Carrier Board

Linkwave Technologies | 4G Adaptor Board

Please note: up to three RF cables are required for use with this product. Click here for the recommended cable, or contact us for further details.

The EM7421 carrier board is a system level component that provides high speed 4G data transfer capability. It can be used with Windows or Linux hosts.

The carrier board allows the AirPrime EM7421 module to be connected to hosts by USB. It supports USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 over a USB-C connector for communication between module and host. The board can be powered over USB-C or by separate power connector. The power up cycle of the EM7421 is managed by an onboard microcontroller.

A push to click 3FF SIM holder is provided on one end of the board facilitating straightforward integration into new or existing system designs.

For details of the Sierra Wireless EM7421 please click here.

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