E225 3G Router

Maestro | M2M Router

Available in 3G and with WAN, LAN, Wi-Fi and RS485 connectivity, the E225 3G IoT router is designed for mission-critical enterprise applications. The E225 can be powered over Ethernet from a suitable PSE-PoE device, and features "Last Gasp" functionality to provide remote notification of power loss prior to router shut down. The E225 IoT router also offers GPS location and time, and can report this data to a remote server or to a local host.

Advanced Failover Solution

The Maestro E220 has automatic failover functionality that avoids communication loss in the event of a link failure. The E220 can support Ethernet, Wi-Fi or Cellular WAN connections, or any combination of these, and can be configured to utilise these connections on a priority basis, with failover to the next priority connection.

Load balancing

As a versatile and multi-connected device, Maestro E220 lets you set up the resources you want for every single device connected to your router. If a crucial component for your business needs more bandwidth than the others in order to work properly, you can allocate more resources to this specific component in a matter of seconds.


Open VPN offers highest performance and is reliable on high latency connections and is easy to set up. With a 256-bit encryption protocol, your information is safe. This platform offers improved stability and a great compatibility for all your devices.


The Maestro E225 can provide transparent Modbus routing, or can convert Modbus RTU to Modbus TCP to facilitate communication between Modbus field devices and remote servers. The E225 can also act as a Modbus RTU <> MQTT gateway.

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